i'm a FINE ART PHOTOGRAPHER and Art Curator based in Charleston, SC.

I am Lauren 

When you work with me, you get a coach, a cheerleader, and a business bestie all in one!

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And you know what sparked that passion even further? The arrival of my daughter. She became my ultimate muse, and I realized just how quickly time flies by. Every single moment felt precious, and I made it my mission to capture each one, freezing them in time.

That is the kind of dedication and love I bring to every client I work with. I understand the importance of cherishing the little things, the genuine emotions, and the fleeting moments that make up our lives.

I want to help you capture your own unique story, those heartfelt moments that you want to hold onto forever.

As a visual storyteller, I absolutely love capturing creative imagery for adorable families and confident high-school seniors girls.

There's something truly magical about freezing those beautiful moments in time, isn't there? Whether it's the joy and love radiating from a family or the excitement and determination of a high-school senior ready to take on the world, I'm there to capture it all.

But here's the thing... I'm more than just a photographer.

I'm here to make you feel comfortable, help share your story, and show the world your true beauty and confidence.


With over a decade of experience in corporate visual marketing and customer experience, I've learned the power of creating a personalized full-service experience for each and every one of my clients. Because here's the thing: your story is absolutely unique and I believe that your experience should reflect that too.

Where Personalization
Meets Expertise

Capturing moments has become ingrained in my very DNA. It's not just a profession, it's a part of who I am.

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Where Personalization Meets Expertise

Why I believe

artwork is so important

Life is beautiful, but it moves & changes quickly.

Art is your chance, your moment & your time to capture your life as it is today.

I’m honored and thrilled by the idea that we, together, can create stunning artwork for your home, and capture memories that will last a lifetime. 
I whole-heartedly feel that what I do goes beyond taking beautiful photos. I capture, design, print & deliver heirloom artwork that will elevate your home, tell your story and bring your imagery to life. 

love what you see?

let's work together!

I established Curated Moments with a clear vision: inspiring people to share their story visual storytelling. I see your story through my lens, capture your unique magic with my camera, and help you establish and grow your brand with fresh content that draws your audience in.

Are you ready to make a move? Please reach out to me to book a discovery call where I can learn more about what you are looking for. Can't wait to chat with you!!

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